About us

Nestled in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, That 1 Friend Co. sprang to life from the collective imagination of a group of friends, each with their own distinct quirks and passions. Fueled by our love for celebrating individuality, we set out to curate a collection of gifts that reflect the uniqueness of every friendship. From heartfelt sentiments to playful humor, our products embody the essence of friendship and the joy of sharing meaningful moments with those we cherish. With a commitment to local community values and a dedication to delivering big-brand quality, That 1 Friend Co. invites you to explore our world of delightful treasures and find the perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind friends.

Anh - That Creative Friend

Anh, here. With a name like that, how could I not be That Creative Friend? My brain thinks in colors and shapes, and I get goosebumps from symmetry. You’ll find me over here thinking through creative solutions to complex problems—sometimes, that involves making it ourselves.

Abby - That Nerdy Friend

My name is Abby—That Nerdy Friend. I’m a book-loving, spreadsheet-slinging nerd. I excel (hehe) in all things operations and project management. The only thing I love more than a to-do list is a good problem to solve.

Ashley - That Millennial Friend

Hi there! I'm Ashley and I'm That Millennial Friend through and through, right down to my love affair with avocados. While I'm adaptable to most things in our ever changing world, my loyalty to side parts and skinny jeans will never waver. Adulting may be hard, but procuring and designing gifts for my friends helps!

Mikayla - That Foodie Friend

My name is Mikayla, and as That Foodie Friend I know how the temperature of your butter affects your cookie texture. Catch me indoors with my muffin tins and measuring cups. I only feel loved if people like my baking.

Miranda - That Anxious Friend

I’m Miranda, That Anxious Friend. I come with a little more dread than the “average” person. I at least have two inner monologues debating all the things that could go wrong constantly. Professionally this makes me a great crisis manager, personally it makes my therapist fairly concerned.